September at the Back to Backs

September is an important time of year for the Back to Backs as we open the doors to new visitors but also take stock after the busy summer period.

Heritage Open Day

On Sunday 10th September, the Birmingham Back to Backs will be opening its doors to the general public in celebration of Birmingham Heritage Week.
   If you’ve never been able to book on a tour before, this is your chance to come and see Court 15 for free. Our ground floor rooms will be open and our tour guides will be on hand in each room to answer your questions and tell you about life in back to backs houses. Whether that’s finding out about our 1840’s family, George Saunders 1970’s tailor shop or the highlight of any tour, the privies, this is a great chance to get a taster and learn about the stories of the people and families who called this place home for over 160 years.

Conservation Week

  The rest of September is busy for the Birmingham Back to Backs too. From Monday 11th September, we will be closed for our “Conservation Week”.
   Our houses are very old and we have thousands of people coming through them every year. Every once in a while they need a bit of care and attention and we take this time to see to the little maintenance jobs that crop up. We do this most often on Mondays, so for all of you who have tried to book a tour on a Monday and not been able to, it’s because our conservation team are hard at work doing the unglamorous jobs that keep Court 15 standing.
   Twice a year though, we close the property for a more thorough clean and it gives us the opportunity to assess the property and to get stuck into the bigger tasks that the houses throw at us. So from Monday 11th, our staff and volunteers will be donning their aprons, getting out their museum vacuums and cracking open the tins of polish as we get to down to the exciting jobs of; waxing the wooden floors, blacking the fires and stripping the beds in search of creepy crawlies, to name just a few of our favourite tasks.
  The Birmingham Back to Backs will reopen for tours as normal from Saturday 16th September.
  So please do forgive us if you had hoped to visit during this time, just remember we are performing essential work to help keep these houses standing for another 200 years.