Leighton Newman

Ranger, Blakeney Point

Leighton Newman - Ranger

Leighton Newman works as a Ranger on Blakeney Point at Blakeney National Nature Reserve.

Blakeney Point Lifeboat House at dusk

Name: Leighton Newman

Role: Ranger

Location: Blakeney Point, Blakeney National Nature Reserve 

How long have you worked for the National Trust? I started working for the National Trust in February 2018.

How long have you worked in conservation? I’ve worked in conservation for around six years, but including voluntary conservation work, it’s more like 10 years. I came to work on the north Norfolk coast for the National Trust from the west coast of Wales where I worked on Skomer Island for three years. 

What made you want to work in conservation? I wanted to work in conservation to have a hands-on role in protecting wildlife. Initially I wanted to go into more practical conservation (habitat management etc.) but my passion for birds and in particular seabirds, surfaced early on in my conservation career. 

What is your favourite thing about working in your role? Living on Blakeney Point for eight months of the year and helping to protect ground nesting birds every day. 

What’s your favourite National Trust place and why? Apart from Blakeney Point, of course, my favourite National Trust place, and one that blew me away when I visited, is the Farne Islands. The sheer number of seabirds nesting on just a few small islands and the views you can get of each species is truly mind blowing. 

Kittwakes and guillemots on the Farne Islands ©National Trust Images/Joe Cornish
Kittwakes and guillemots on the Farne Islands
Kittwakes and guillemots on the Farne Islands ©National Trust Images/Joe Cornish