The Curious World of Artists' Books | 30 April - 27 May

As part of our celebration of books this year, and in line with our contemporary art installation The Word Defiant!, we're delighted to be hosting an exhibition in The Loft Gallery of hand crafted traditional and contemporary book art by some of the UK's finest makers and practitioners. From altered and sculptural books to pop-ups, concertinas and fine bindings, artists explore the possibilities of the book form in all of its guises. Find out more about the artists involved.

Jules Allen

Using a miscellany of materials and methodologies, Jules Allen creates contemplative objects and environments, that employ the formal and physical structures of the book as a conceptual and meditative space.  Her thematic and often monochromatic works evoke a sense of silence, refuge and the essence of what has passed, authenticated through the use of historic materials and the ancient skills of painting, copperplate etching and bookbinding.

Karen Apps

Karen produces work which explores human stories held within everyday objects.  Whether marking the passing of time or exploring hidden fragmented stories, these find expression in a variety of both 3D work and book structures.

Jen Fox

Jen graduated with a BA (Hons) in Visual Studies at Norwich University of the Arts in 2005; she lives and practices in North Norfolk and, working primarily with books, creates conceptual pieces that convey a sense of transience; keeping alive the memories we pass on through generations.

Paul Garcia 

Paul’s view of book art is that the book itself is the art, rather than being the vehicle for poetry, prose or pictorial material.  That is why most of his books are blank.  They could be used as notebooks, or sketchbooks, or simply appreciated as desirable objects in their own right.  The structure and decoration themselves are the content.

Jo Howe

Jo selects books carefully by considering the aesthetic quality of text and relevance of the book’s title.  Working with old manuscripts that bear the physical imperfections and aromas of past human handling and thus retain their human presence is essential.  The book or page becomes a tool for looking inwards to our evolving personal narratives rather than the read contents of the book as text.

Heather Hunter

Heather’s books involve the reader in the discovery process - unfolding a book’s secrets provides an environment for a memorable experience.  To touch, read and explore will produce unique feelings that become the reader's own environmental memory.  She is at present Artist-in-Residence at Turn End Garden, Haddenham.

Jean Mould Hart

A mixed media artist whose book structures marry strongly contrasting materials and scale. Using a very limited pallet to highlight the embossed surfaces of her own handmade papers and the textures of natural objects.  She combines these to create arrangements of shape, line and form.  Aiming to make these elements convey the meaning of the piece.  When imagery is included various print techniques are used.

Chris Ruston

Utilising her background in Fine Art, Ruston produces unique artists books.  Visual art is the medium through which her curiosity about the world around her is synthesised into sensuous and tactile art works.  The book format in its widest sense, being ‘a sequence of spaces’, allows the viewer to join her on a journey of discovery.  She uses traditional book
structures alongside more sculptural forms.

Alison Stockmarr

Alison Stockmarr’s work has an ethos of storytelling and repurposing.  Using old books and found ephemera she creates ‘Face Books’, a witty take on social media; ‘Picture Books’, beautifully illustrated book art, with collaged layers that illustrate the original titles. ‘Collaged Record Covers’ are a recent addition created with her signature, playful, embellishments.

Anna Yevtukh

A member of the Society of Bookbinders, Designer Bookbinders and the local Guild of Designer Craftsmen, Anna Yevtukh studied art and bookbinding in Ukraine and has been utilizing these skills to build her handmade books since 1998.  Basing her ethos on the fact that ‘’books should not merely be perceived as a means from which to read or write within’’, Anna’s artistic view to bookbinding allows her to create pieces of book art that are not only constructed with passion and flare to the highest quality but that are completely unique and personal.

Explore the exhibition running from 30 April - 27 May
A row of four colourful houses made from books
Explore the exhibition running from 30 April - 27 May
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The Loft Exhibitions

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A book eaten by death watch beetle

The Word Defiant! New immersive art experience at Blickling Estate

You'll see a very different story from May to October this year, as we shine a light on the significant book collection at Blickling, as part of Trust New Art contemporary arts programme. Working with award-winning theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, 'The Word Defiant!' will use sound and theatrical design to explore the importance of books and the threat posed to them around the world.