Ex Libris: Altered Books | 3 -29 September

A poster for the Altered Book Project exhibition
Published : 02 Jul 2018 Last update : 31 Aug 2018

After a successful launch at The Buckinghamshire County Museum in the spring we're delighted to be welcoming the Altered Book Project, complimenting our art installation ‘The Word Defiant!'

Exhibition of recycled, transformed and altered books

The artists have taken old books which were due to be recycled and have transformed them into new works of art.

The 24 artists who have taken part come from different artistic disciplines and in their hands the book becomes a canvas for new ideas. The resulting new work however has to reflect the original content of the book.

Come along and discover what the artists have done. Intricate, delightful or challenging all have produced pieces that are intriguing. The artists chose books on a variety of subjects including Shakespeare, nature and scientific books.

See Yorick's skull revealed through carefully folded pages or birds flying from the pages of another. Called Ex Libris meaning 'out of the books or library’.

This exhibition has been organised by Sparksartists. The group was formed in 2001 to reduce the isolation of artists in an area of East Oxfordshire. They have a commitment to their work as individual visual artists but with a desire in common to increase awareness of the arts in the local community.

For further information on the exhibition, please get in touch with Buckinghamshire Craft Guild.

Lydia Denno, designer, standing in front The Word Defiant!

The Word Defiant! at Blickling 

The Word Defiant! was an exciting temporary art installation at Blickling in 2018 that revealed stories of books that had been banned, burned, drowned, superseded, redacted, neglected and those that remained defiant.