A family day out at Bodiam Castle

A child with a mail hood and wooden sword at Bodiam Castle gate

Bring the family to Bodiam Castle to explore our majestic 14th-century castle and try our our interactive audio adventure. We've lots of events throughout the year to entertain your bold knight or aspiring princess.

Visit our medieval castle

With its massive towers and broad moat, Bodiam Castle is a great place for children to explore and imagine themselves as a bold knight or genteel princess coming across the bridge for a magnificent feast in the great hall.

Look out for the badge of Sir Edward Dallingridge, the castle's founder, as you enter the castle under the great portcullis and spot the murder holes in the gatehouse roofs.

There are towers to climb and amazing views to be taken in from the top, and don't forget to pop in to the well room and take a look up for a bird's eye view.

The portcullis spikes, Bodiam Castle
The spikes on the lower edge of the portcullis at Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Have an adventure

Our Knight's Peril interactive audio adventure is suitable for families with children aged 8+.  Pick up an echo horn at Castle Cottage and become a medieval detective to help solve a mystery.  Your adventure will also help you to discover more about life in a medieval castle.  The Knight's Peril is included in your ticket price. A security deposit is required.

Become an archer

From Easter to October during school holidays we offer archery lessons on site with Heathcliffe Heroics. Come along and try your hand at shooting an arrow, just as the archers would have done back in the 14th century to help Sir Edward defend his castle home.

There are bows for all ages and a lesson starts from £3 for 5 arrows.

Try your hand at archery, Bodiam Castle
An arrow approaching an archery target

Explore the grounds

Enjoy a wander around the grounds and see if your fearsome crusaders can find the wooden statue of Sir Edward or the natural glockenspiel in the woods at the top of the hill.

If you download a copy of our property map you can discover some of the old features of Sir Edward's estate which are not so obvious nowadays.

Visitor map of Bodiam Castle and grounds (PDF / 1.2177734375MB) download

Our ducks will be very pleased to see you and even more so if you have a box of our duck food that can be bought from either visitor reception or our Castle View Coffee Shop.  You'll be the ducks' best friend if they see you have some food and you can also feed this food to the many carp that we have swimming in the moat.  They'll be pleased of a nutritious treat after spending the winter in the lower depths of the moat.

Mallard duck
A male mallard among brightly coloured primulas at Bodiam Castle

Enjoy a brew with a view

Our coffee shop is situated in Castle Cottage opposite the castle entrance where you can buy a drink and snack to enjoy while you stand and admire the view.  On cold winter's days a hot chocolate is just the thing to warm up before or after you've crossed the bridge to the castle.