Celebrate 90 years of the National Trust at Bodiam Castle

In 1926 Lord Curzon of Kedleston bequeathed Bodiam Castle to the National Trust. Join us as we start a month long celebration of the past 90 years of this magnificent castle with a 1920s style lawn party.

A view of Bodiam Castle in 2006 with hawthorn tree and mist on the moat

90 years of Bodiam Castle

It's 90 years since Lord Curzon of Kedleston bequeathed Bodiam Castle to the National Trust.  In the same year as the birth of HM The Queen and the General Strike, the castle was entrusted to us to keep as a special place for everyone, for ever.

A 1920s lawn party

We open our month long celebration with a 1920s style lawn party on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June. There was a great deal going on in the 1920s including the Votes for Women campaign.  Come along and meet some of the suffragists on their campaign trail and watch their encounter with our benefactor, Lord Curzon.  On Sunday you can come along and listen to some of the music of the era and join in a dance or two.

Bodiam Castle ticket office 1957
The ticket seller at Bodiam Castle in 1957
Bodiam Castle ticket office 1957

History in and around Bodiam

We've been busy rummaging through our archives and have unearthed a wealth of photos that chart some of the conservation work that the Trust have carried out at the castle over the past 90 years.  

We've also found some interesting bits and pieces that will give visitors a glimpse of how entry to the castle was managed in the past before we had smart Visitor Receptions and lots of staff and volunteers to help visitors.

Bodiam Castle is surrounded by some beautiful countryside, much of which was once part of the Guinness brewing estate.  Discover some of the history of hop picking in Bodiam with our displays and archives on show in the tea room and shop.

Sharing and creating memories

As well as looking back, we'd like to look forward and we'll be asking visitors to contribute to our time capsule that will be kept safe until our next celebration in 10 years' time at 100 years.

We'll close our celebrations, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, with an invitation for you to join us, dressed in any costume from the past 90 years, to capture the eras of Bodiam's last 90 years to take forward into the next.