History at Bodnant Garden

Delve into four centuries which have transformed a 'dwelling by a stream' into one of the world's finest gardens.

Plaque commemorating the construction of The Terraces at Bodnant Garden
Bodnant Garden in the early 1800s

Roots of the listed garden at Bodnant 

How a 'dwelling by a stream' in Snowdonia's foothills grew into a horticultural haven for plants from around the globe.

The McLarens at Bodnant Hall.

A family creation 

The great minds and green fingers which have shaped Bodnant Garden into a plant lovers' paradise.

Agnes Pochin, Laura McLaren and Priscilla Bright-McLaren

Unbind the Wing: Our women of Bodnant Garden 

In 2018 we're celebrating our garden’s founding family and their campaign for women's suffrage, as part of the National Trust's year of #WomenAndPower.