A new record - 200,000 visitors

The 200,000th visitors to Bodnant Garden in 2015

This summer has been one of the busiest, but the question on everyone's lips? Would we reach 200,000? Well, we could and we did, with four months to spare until the end of the season.

With some complicated predictions involving spreadsheets, weather forecasting and crossing of fingers, we expected our 200,000th visitor on Monday 19 October. That day dawned, not particularly sunny, but thankfully not raining!

Staff and volunteers gathered, glasses were filled, and a fabulous cake made by our catering team was iced and ready to go.  Who would our special visitors be?

Who is the lucky 200,000th?

The moment arrived, everyone waited, and a lovely couple appeared with their young child for their first visit to the garden - what a welcome!

Our lucky visitors were Samantha and Simon Hardman and their eight month old daughter Emily, who were visiting the garden for the first time on the recommendation of friends. On holiday from their home in Yorkshire, they enjoyed their drink and cake, and were presented with a watercolour print of the garden by talented local artist Tina Holley

Staff, volunteers and visitors joined in to polish off the cake and bubbly, and a jolly time was had by all.

Celbrating our 200,000th visitors
Staff and volunteers celebrate at Bodnant Garden, Conwy
Celbrating our 200,000th visitors