Cornish Sports Days

7 Nations rugby Marazion Kernow king

Cornish Sports Days are running throughout the school summer holidays, 10am – 4pm outside Botallack count house workshop.

There will be wrestling poses to try, tug of war to team up and compete, and rugby balls to have a go at some favourite sports of Cornish miners that they took with them when they travelled abroad. Here’s a brief history of these sports in Cornwall:



Cornish Rugby Union is one of the county's most popular sports and has a large following in Cornwall.

The Cornish rugby team can boast an Olympic silver medal. In 1908, they won the County Championship for the first time and the price was to represent Great Britain at rugby in the Olympics.

Mining towns would compete against each other as a way to relax after a long week's work in the mines. The passion for rugby union was exported overseas by the Cornish miners and this helped develop the game in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Cornish wrestling

Omdowl Kernewek

A unique form of wrestling has been established in Cornwall for several centuries. Wreslers wear jackets that enable them to gain better grip on their opponent. The objective is to throw your opponent so that they land as flat as possible on their back. In 1923 the Cornish Wrestling Association was formed to standardise the rules.

As Cornwall's native tradition it has travelled the world to places like Mexico, Australia and California, following the miners.

Cornish wrestling drop-in sessions will be running hosted by the Cornish Wrestling Association ( Dates of these sessions are to be confirmed. Tug of war and rugby will be available everyday throughout the summer holidays.