Learning at Box Hill

At Box Hill we want to grow the conservationists of the future by inspiring young and old with our amazing flora and fauna. We do this by reaching out to our visitors in a variety of ways and maximising their time here.

We make learning an exciting adventure closely linked with curriculum needs, making us an excellent resource for educationalists or wider interest groups. How better to learn about the natural world than by experiencing it first-hand?


Our situation lends itself perfectly to geography field trips, due to the clearly defined land formations and human impacts on such a popular visitor destination, with such specific conservation demands.
  • Geography day - KS2
  • Box Hill mountain rescue - mapping and co-ordinates - KS2, KS3, KS4
  • The impact of tourism on a honeypot site - geographical investigation - KS3
  • GCSE Controlled assessment - KS4
  • Management talks - KS3, KS4, KS5
  • A Level Fieldwork - sampling and statistics


Learn about science in nature's classroom:
  • Town mouse, country mouse - habitats - EYFS/KS1
  • Habitats year 3 and 4 - KS2
  • Forensic investigators - adaptations, interdependence and micro-organisms - KS2
"The best field trip ever." Year 4, St Teresa's, Effingham


The natural world provides us with the most inspirational and stunning textures, colours and shapes. By looking closely at what's already there and maybe adding to, or manipulating nature, we can make humorous or thought provoking art.
  • What is sculpture? EYFS/KS1
  • Wild art - KS2, KS3

Other courses

Learning is brought to life outdoors - so bring your poetry students, set the scene or enjoy one heck of a PE lesson! We can tailor courses to suit your needs and fully utilise the day out of school.
  • Woodland Parcours - half day PE course KS2, KS3
  • Poetry workshop - half day - KS2, KS3
  • Kidnap! - half day scene setting workshop - KS2, KS3Trust

Special Educational Needs

Everyone has an affinity with the outdoors. Why look at a picture of something when you can touch, taste, smell or hold it?
  • Living and growing
  • Weather impacts
"Thank you so much for Monday, all the students really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it." KS3, Woodlands School
Our education leaflet contains more details about our offers to schools, as well as approximate timings and prices.

Forest School

We have dedicated an area of totally untouched woodland to make a secluded location for Forest School. To obtain a licence for your own Forest School activities, Email our Learning and Events Officer, Catherine McCusker, to find out how we can help..

Can't get to us?

We can come to you. We deliver stimulating talks or assemblies that bring the outdoors indoors. Email our Learning and Events Officer, Catherine McCusker, to find out how we can help.

Educational Field Trips

Find out about the educational field trips we provide throughout the year and see how you can get involved.

Our learning space

If you're interested in using our learning space for your class or meeting do get in touch and complete our rental form.