Coastal wildlife walks

Brean Down, coastal site, Somerset

There are plenty of peaceful places you can go along the Somerset coast to explore. Our coast looks out over the Bristol channel and you can spot plenty of British wildlife. Here are a some of coastal areas we suggest you go.

Bossington Beach

Bossington Beach, this is part of Holnicote Estate out on Exmoor National Park and right at the edge of the county. Here you have a choice of walks, you can go down to the beach pebble beach or head along the coast walks either way there are plenty of wildlife to spot along the way.

Brean Down

Brean Down is a great place for a walk with a view. The limestone peninsula juts out into the Bristol Channel and makes a natural pier, you can walk 1.5miles along the pier to Palmerston Fort. Alternatively head down to the beach. Brean Down is a great place for bird watching so bring your binoculars with you.

Sand Point

Sand Point is also a natural pier which juts out into the Bristol Channel and has plenty of walks with lots of opportunity to see our wildlife. In summer it's possible to see a Hummingbird hawk-moth feeding from the flowers of lady's bedstraw.