October 2019 – Caring for our sites

The improved track leading to the Georgian Round House

A ranger's role is a diverse one with everyone playing their part within the team. Area Ranger Simon looks back over the year at some of the many jobs he carries out to ensure the land we look after remains accessible for future generations to enjoy...

Striking the right balance

Well, hasn’t this year just has flown by! With the clocks changing, it feels like winter is just around the corner.  Over the summer we have been getting on with the usual maintenance tasks across Brecon Beacons and Monmouthshire. As we care for these special landscapes, we always try to get the right balance between keeping these places open, accessible and welcoming for our many visitors, but also maintaining a healthy habitat for nature and wildlife to thrive.

Improvements at The Kymin

The Kymin overlooking Monmouth has had 32 tonnes of crushed stone added to the track to build it back up as the elements have taken their toll. Fortunately, we can use the machinery and vehicles that we have, so that we can speed up the process of this vital conservation work, to ensure the inconvenience to vehicular access is kept to a minimum.  Putting channels in, also known as womps to divert the water running down the track make it more resilient against the wet Welsh weather!  As a track used by both vehicles and walkers, these womps will also help to manage and slow down traffic through the grounds.

Unloading the mini digger ready for work at The Kymin near Monmouth
Using our vehicles and machinery make light work
Unloading the mini digger ready for work at The Kymin near Monmouth

Laying plans (and paths!) at Lanlay

With some staff saying goodbye, I now look after Lanlay, a wetland meadow in the Vale of Glamorgan.  In the warmer months, this is a place of vibrant hay meadows and sweet-scented Rhos pasture, making it a haven for wildlife. The wooden boardwalk leading the way through the marshy grassland needs replacing after being in situ for over 13 years - so it has had a good life considering it’s been sat in such a wet area! I think this will be keeping me busy over the winter.

Planning for winter repairs at Lanlay
Part of the boardwalk in situ at Lanlay
Planning for winter repairs at Lanlay

From estate maintenance to woodland work, check out our next blog which comes from the woodlands team, who will be sharing what they’ve been up to and what they have planned for winter restoration across our sites.