Brimham through the Lens

'Brimham through the Lens' is a unique exhibition bringing out the everyday realities of Brimham Rocks from volunteers doing conservation work on the moorland to breath-taking sunsets, daredevil climbing shots and tranquil views over the Nidd Valley. If you are interested in photography and want to see Brimham from a different angle this art show is not to be missed.

Brimham Photographic Society is celebrating its first anniversary by putting on an exhibition showcasing their favourite shots of Brimham Rocks. 'Brimham through the Lens' is going to be open to the public from 19th to the 29th of August 11am-5pm at the Brimham Rocks Visitor Centre and is marked as site number 34 on the Nidd Art Trail.

Brimham Photographic Society was launched in the summer of 2015 as an initiative by local photography enthusiasts with the aim to get together and share their experience and passion. The members come together once a month and take pictures of Brimham Rocks through the seasons.

" Last August we were talking about Nidd Art Trail and what a great opportunity it is for local artists to showcase their work. It was one of these moments where we looked at each other and immediately knew that we wanted to be part of it in 2016."
- Lloyd Gregory, Brimham Photographic Society

“We are all amateur photographers with a bit of time on our hands so we decided to give it a go.”

Photographers Jane Mitchell, Geoff Liggins, Stephen Lewis and Lloyd Gregory have been working tirelessly to put on the exhibition for most of the year.

As a small local society Brimham Photographic Society is proud to present  Birchfield Ice Cream Parlour and Tea Rooms based in Summerbridge as the lead sponsor for 'Brimham through the Lens'. “Supporting local community initiatives is important to us; not to mention that as kids we’ve climbed all over Brimham and the site holds a lot of special memories,” says owner Joanne Whitley.

Birchfield Ice Cream Farm, the lead sponsor for Brimham through the Lens, is a very popular local family attraction in Summerbridge just 4 miles down the road from Brimham Rocks.
Birchfield Ice Cream Farm, Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.

At Birchfield Ice Cream Farm they make delicious ice cream using the milk and cream from their Jersey cows. The annual Amazing Maize Maze opens 23rd July-4th September and further details can be found on or follow them on Facebook: Birchfield Ice Cream Farm.