Commercial, wedding and student photography at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks Photoshoot

The unique, beautiful scenery and magical landscape of Brimham naturally attracts photographers both amateur and professional as well as students. But if your visiting us to undertake a commercial or wedding photo or film shoot or if you're a student photographer or filmmaker it's important that you read on.

Commerical filming or photoshoots

If you wish to carry out any commercial filming or photo shoots on National Trust land at Brimham Rocks you must contact the National Trust’s Filming and Locations Office in advance. More information and contact details can be found below. They will then advise if you need to pay a fee and sign a contract.

Wedding photoshoots

Whether you're the lucky couple or the wedding photographer please contact us at the office at Brimham Rocks whilst you're planning your shoot in advance. Our contact telephone number is 01423 780688 or you can email us We'll then send you out some forms and there will be a fee of £150.00 to pay. Wedding photogaphers will need to supply a valid certificate of public liability insurance as part of the application.

A merry Brimham wedding
Brimham Wedding
A merry Brimham wedding

Student photography and filming

If you're working on a project at school, college or university and would like to visit Brimham to undertake some filming or take photos as part of your work, drop us a line as part of your advance planning. There's no fee to pay for this but we'll need to contact your teacher or tutor  to send them a form to complete and return to us before you begin your project at Brimham.

Film crew setting up at Brimham
Brimham Filming
Film crew setting up at Brimham