Doggies of Brimham Rocks

Dog on lead, Brimham Rocks.

Brimham Rocks has always been a favourite destination for dog-walkers. Over the years we have gained a lot of four-legged friends and visitors, some of whom even pitch in with the volunteering. It is great to have so many dogs on site enjoying themselves.

Find out about our 'paws welcome' policy:

  • To ensure everybody has an enjoyable visit to Brimham Rocks we ask that all our four-legged visitors are always kept on a lead. Leads are available to borrow from the visitor centre.
  • All dogs are welcome in the shop and the exhibition area.
  • For the thirsty pooches there are drink bowls at the visitor centre and the refreshment kiosk.
  • If you've forgotten your poop bags there are Poop Scoops available from the visitor centre.
Mungo takes particular pleasure in his early morning walks on the moorland.
Dog on lead, Brimham Rocks.
Mungo, the German wirehead pointer, taking his owner for an early morning walk.
Mungo taking his owner for an early morning walk, Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.