Fencing proposal for grazing cattle

Fencing Image

We are planning to erect fencing to re-introduce stock grazing on the moorland, which is common land. The grazing will help us to manage the moorland more effectively and sustainably.

The fence will exclude the main visitor area so people can still visit the rocks without being worried about the proximity of the cattle. Although we love cows, we realise that not everyone is comfortable with them.

The fencing will edge the road (will need to change if consensus changes) so we won’t have any issues with cattle roaming across the highway. Although a wide ranging option for the cattle would have been ideal for the habitat, the road that runs though the site has limited visibility owing to bends and banks, it is quite busy and people drive quite fast so for the welfare of the animals, we will be keeping them away from the road.

The fencing will be three or four strands of plain wire, not barbed. This will make it less of an obstacle to wildlife that moves across the site, such as the transient population of deer.

There will be a simple cattle handling area built north of Hare Heads, where the road turns sharply and a second on the south side of the moor, probably around the small informal car park that already exists there. These will be used to bring the cattle on and off the site, and tend to them during their stay if required.

There will be a trough installed close to the pump house on the track to High North Pasture Farm and the south moor has plenty of access to fresh, running water.


The fence is to keep the cattle in, not the people out so we're creating plenty of access through and over it. Below is a map of where all the access points will be.

Map showing type and location of access points

Type and location of access points
Map showing type and location of access points
Type and location of access points