'My Brimham' - share your stories

We are interested in finding out what makes Brimham special for you. Did you visit here 50 years ago and always wanted to come back to see that huge rock balancing on a tiny bit? Did your husband to be pop the question over a marvellous sunset on Lovers’ Leap? Is Brimham the place where you really got into bouldering?

Sue Bakers mum visited the rocks in 1950 and came back with Sue in summer 2017.

" It’s really interesting to see how much the landscape around and under the rock has changed, as well as how much my mum has changed!"
- Sue Baker, visitor
Sue's mum visiting Brimham Rocks in 1950.
Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire in 1950.
Sue's mum with the Idol Rock in summer 2017.
Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire 2017.

 Do you have a memory of your own to share?

Send your photos and stories via email to brimham.photos@nationaltrust.org.uk and we’ll put them up for visitors to see on the ‘My Brimham’ display at Brimham Rocks Visitor Centre.