Hallowe'en at Brimham Rocks

Each year near the end of October spooky spirits descend upon Brimham. In 2016 on 27 and 28 October visitors brave enough to venture through the rocks are faced with a series of ghoulish challenges. From crawling through the Tunnel of Terror and peering into a coffin to spinning the Wheel of Misfortune and tiptoeing through a spider’s web. Families have to complete each task to move on.

Visiting family on Hallowe'en trail avoiding being eaten by Bessie the Bog Monster.
Family taking part in Brimham Rocks Hallowe'en trail, North Yorkshire.
Spinning the Wheel of Misfortune is not for the faint-hearted.
Spin the Wheel of Misfortune on the Halloween trail at Brimham Rocks.

If you survive all the challenges you then find yourself entering the Brimham Rocks School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Under the expert tutelage of Professors Esmeralda and Griselda you will create your own magic wand, learn to cast a spell to conjure up your prize.

Witch Griselda about to cast a spell on unsuspecting visitors.
Witches Kitchen at Brimham Rocks, National Trust
" The trick to a good conjuring spell is making sure you’ve got the right ingredients. Don’t worry, all ingredients are provided, from grandad’s toenail clippings and giants’ bogies to pixie poo and skunks’ kisses"
- Head Witch Gertrude

 Some visitors really get into the spirit of things and come dressed up as their favourite Hallowe’en characters such as Casper the Ghost and the walking dead. Many staff and volunteers begin planning their costumes in advance of this haunted happening. It’s the highlight of our event calendar.

Zombie bride Jenny serving in the shop at Brimham Rocks.
Zombie bride Jenny serving in the shop at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.