Help look after Brimham Rocks by taking your litter home

We all like for our favourite places to be clean and tidy and there is nothing worse than seeing an old carrier bag full of rubbish tucked into a hole in the rock or walking into a bag of dog mess hanging from a tree branch.

Did you know that...

Bagged doggie poo doesn't always make its way into a bin.
Dog mess left about at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.
Dog fouling is a serious health hazard for small children and pregnant women. Parasites in the faeces can cause children and unborn babies to suffer serious eye disorders, or even go blind. It smells horrible too, particularly on the bottom of your shoe!
Food waste is one of the most common forms of litter. This can attract vermin, such as rats and insects, and they in turn can spread disease. There are now as many rats living in the UK as there are humans and the rat population is on the increase.
Plastic bags don't biodegrade but may photodegrade if exposed to sun in 10-100 years.
Bag of rubbish hidden under a rock at Brimham Rocks.
Fires can be caused by the careless discarding of disposable barbeques, matches and cigarettes, or by the sun shining on and being magnified through glass. During hot dry spells, these can lead to devastating wildfires.

How long does it take for litter to decompose?

  • Glass bottle - indefinitely

  • Plastic beverage bottles - 450 years

  • Disposable diapers - 450 years

  • Aluminium can - 80-200 years

  • Tin can - 50 years

  • Plastic bag - 10-20 years

  • Waxed milk carton - 3 months

  • Apple core - 2 months

  • Orange or banana peel - 2-5 weeks

  • Paper towel - 2-4 weels

What can you do to help?

Litter Fairy Lucy is passionate about keeping the rocks clean.
Brimham Rocks Litter Fairy Lucy, Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.
  • You could further help by picking up the rubbish that others have thrown down. You could join our team of Litter Fairy volunteers or simply help out on the day by borrowing alitter picker from the visitor centre.

  • Put your rubbish in a bin or take it home.

  • Remember the three Rs - REDUCE the amount of rubbish you create; REUSE whatever you can; and RECYCLE - buy packaging that can be easily recycled.

  • Remember, the only things that should be flushed down the toilet are these that come from you and toilet paper.

  • At Brimham Rocks we have very limited facilities for rubbish keeping and it would be huge help if you could take your litter home with you!