Volunteering from abroad at Brimham Rocks

Mungo taking his owner for an early morning walk, Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.

Mathilde is a young lady from France who was looking for opportunities to develop her skills in the heritage sector. As a popular destination for dog walkers Brimham was suffering from a bit of a dog poo problem and Mathilde's 'No Dog Poo' project was very timely and helpful to the site.

I am a French student in History and I wanted to find a volunteer placement in England to work in a place with a historical background. 
There were many opportunities with the National Trust to work in amazing historical and natural places. I was very keen on joining one of their teams. 
Eventually, I got in contact with the Brimham Rocks site and they did have possibilities for long term placements. However, I could not manage to find accommodation near the site and I thought my project would fail. 
But, the volunteer manager understood how important it was for me to gain experience in the cultural sector and that I really wanted to work with them. As such, she designed for me a working project, that could be done online, allowing me to work for the National Trust, even if I could not attend the site. 
I am currently taking part of a communication campaign, destined to encourage visitors respect the integrity of Brimham Rocks site. I am helping design posters and I am doing research to find solutions to keep the site clean.

This is a very rewarding experience for me. Working with the volunteer manager has proven to be a great pleasure, it is always nice to work with intelligent and open-minded people.

" I am gaining a lot of skills in the leading of projects, doing research and in communication. I have learnt to work in a team, to deliver the work on schedule and to constantly give the best of myself. I particularly appreciate being useful to a natural and historical place."
- Mathilde, Project Volunteer

I am very thankful to have been given a chance to prove myself and I know that I am building strong relationships for the future.