Why I volunteer at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks Litter Fairy Lucy, Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

I love walking and getting outdoors but sometimes, if there is no destination or goal in mind, it can get a bit dull. Being a Litter Fairy at Brimham gives me a good reason to keep active in the wild. And hopefully I am also helping out Brimham Rocks.

My Role Is
Litter Fairy at Brimham Rocks
Why I Do It
As I am lucky enough to be able to retire early I wanted to give something back to the National Trust who have given me many hours of pleasure and enjoyment in the past. I saw this role mentioned in the news letter and thought this would be a different way of helping the National Trust.
What Do I Like About It
I love being outdoors and this gives me a reason to walk around Brimham Rocks.  I see it in a different light now as I walk around parts I might not have gone to before. As I am looking at the ground more, I have noticed the many different types of Fungi around at this time of year - I intend to try and learn more about Fungi so next year I will hopefully be able to identify some of them.
I feel I am doing something useful not only for the National Trust and the visitors to Brimham Rocks but also for the wildlife.  I like seeing the visitors enjoying the site not just children, but also the adults and chatting to them.  But I also like the peace and quiet when it is not as busy mid week. 
What Don't I Like About It
I don't like having to pick up poop bags. I collect over 10 in an afternoon. It is good that dog owners collect up their dogs poop, but why do they then feel the need to "hide" the bag in the cracks of a rock or under a bush?  Even if they don't want to take it home with them, there are 2 bins on site they could put them in.  
The site is very special and unique. I get a sense of achievement thinking I am helping to keep it that way.  It is only dissapointing that my role is necessary. It would be nice if in the future I wasn't needed.  In an afternoon I can collect half a bin bag of rubbish/poop bags plus half a bin bag of recyclables - plastic & glass bottles, tin cans.  I take it all home- If only the original users of them had done the same!!!!
If you, too, feel like becoming a Litter Fairy, check out the details here.
Sunset photography at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Photography at Brimham Rocks

With its changing scenery throughout the seasons Brimham has been a source of inspiration for photographers through decades. Whether you’re looking to improve your photography skills or are an experienced camera user there are lots or opportunities to hone your skills at Brimham.