Christmas in the 1950's

Christmas decorations

This festive season step back in time with the Freegard family to the 1950s

Discover what Christmas was like in simpler times with the Freegards who lived at the manor house in the 1950s.

Back in the 1950s many things were still on the ration following the Second World War so Christmas at that time was a world away from the commercial extravaganza we see today.

Presents were often homemade and Christmas decorations certainly were made from whatever was to hand. Join us over the festive period to make paper decorations and see the lounge decorated in vintage style.

Christmas dinner would still be a feast but probably consisting of home grown seasonal vegetables and possibly game from the estate rather than a turkey purchased from a butcher.

Come to Brockhampton to experience a 1950s Christmas
1950s Christmas present with vintage images of carol singers
Come to Brockhampton to experience a 1950s Christmas

Christmas day would be a rare day of relative rest for hard working farmers like the Freegards. Mrs Freegard would cook up a feast in the manor house kitchen and the family would gather for Christmas lunch around the table.

Today in the lounge you can see period Christmas decorations mostly made of paper and other simple materials which the family would keep from year to year and loving put up when the festive season rolled around.

Outside you can join in with the 1950s Christmas family trail and discover all sorts of quirky facts about Christmas past.

We have two singing groups joining us for festive songs, Surgical Spirit join us on Sunday 10 December and on Sunday 17 December the Brockhampton Carolers will be singing traditional carols in the great hall.