Explore the outdoors

Three children building a den at Brockhampton

There are six walks in total here at Brockhampton; the purple Hungry tums walk, the yellow Carriage ride, the green Woodland walk, the red Parkland walk, the blue Orchard walk and finally, our orange Natural play trail walk. 

Explore '50 things' on out natural play trail 

Our Natural play trail, located on the orange walk, is an excellent place to tick off a few of your ‘50 things’ book, which you can pick up for free in Visitor Reception. Here you can try a bit of den building in an area specially made and maintained by our countryside team and track animals such as tiny Muntjac deer and different bird varieties. You can even make your own trail out of sticks if you’re feeling really creative. What else will your cross off in your ‘50 things’ book?

We like to make the outdoors fun and accessible for all and have a variety of events on throughout the year such as our damson harvest where you can pick your own fruit.These events help children and adults alike reconnect with nature and forget the stress of modern life. 

Kids love to be outdoors
A girl looks at the camera through the branches of a tree
Kids love to be outdoors

Discover ancient woodland 

The still productive woodlands are slowly being restored to mixed native broadleaf trees and the towering conifers once so important for commercially run woodlands are gradually being harvested and milled for their timbers.Today the woodlands are managed to provide habitat and also to reflect the history of the estate. These woods would once have been buzzing with people who laboured here coppicing the native trees and making woodland products such as charcoal and green wood coppice products. Today the extensive woodlands provide visitors with somewhere to escape the crowds, even on busy days.Today our team of countryside staff and volunteers still make the occasional charcoal burn. You can spot their charcoal making equipment in Limepits wood.

Charcoal kiln in action
Charcoal kiln smoking away
Charcoal kiln in action

Outdoor fun all year round 

Our parkland is open all year round, rain or shine, so you and your family can make the most of the seasons in this beautiful location. With six walks there is always more to explore with plenty of farms, hidden dingles and glorious Herefordshire countryside. 

View of woods in leaf at Brockhampton Estate
Mixed broadleaf woodland in leaf
View of woods in leaf at Brockhampton Estate

When you next visit Brockhampton Estate, pick up a welcome leaflet from Visitor Reception. In here you will find a map of all six walks. With 1700 acres of mixed woodland and open parkland there's plenty of space to explore in this timeless estate. What will you discover?