Demolishing the Gatehouse at Brockhampton Estate

Crooked Gatehouse at Brockhampton

After years of attempted restoration the Gatehouse at Brockhampton is due to be demolished and replaced with a brand new visitor kiosk.

The Gatehouse was built about one hundred years after Lower Brockhampton manor house. It is thought the Gatehouse was built in 1543 to represent the wealth and status of the Habington family who lived at Brockhampton at this time.

Sadly as the centuries rolled by the ancient timbers have aged and the Gatehouse has suffered with structural movement resulting in a worsening tilt. This problem has worsened due to the high level of footfall in the building with some visitors likening it to ‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa’.  Several architects and listed building experts have put forward suggestions for the restoration of the building however it is now considered too lopsided to repair. The National Trust has been granted funding from the WBCA to commence the project and listed building consent has been approved for the demolition. Suggested replacements for the building include a new visitor reception kiosk or ice-cream parlour.

Planning consent is being sought from Herefordshire County Council. An initial consultation will begin in April involving Listed Building for England, regional National Trust bigwigs, the Mayor of Bromyard and other very important people.

Visitors, members of the National Trust and local residents are welcome to put forward comments or suggestions about the proposed Gatehouse replacement by emailing The deadline for comments is midday 1 April 2017.

Members of staff and volunteers wonder what can be done?
Members of staff and volunteers wonder what can be done?

**WBCA (Wonky Building Correction Association)