The Grove Pool

Brockhampton Grove Pool

The Grove Pool is a pond deep in the woods at Brockhampton Estate. It has an education shelter and dipping platform which schools and families are able to use.

Pond Dipping

During the school holidays visitors are able to hire pond dipping kits from the visitor reception at Brockhampton Estate. Parking is in the main Brockhampton Estate visitor car park and Grove Pool is about a 45-60 minute walk but it's worth it.

Hire a pond dipping at Brockhampton Estate
Hire a pond dipping at Brockhampton Estate
Hire a pond dipping at Brockhampton Estate

School and community groups

During term time school and community groups are welcome to use the site free of charge. Parking is available in the woodland car park about 20 minutes’ walk from the Grove site.

Pond dipping kits can be hired and will require pre-booking. Ranger led tours and activities can also be arranged at the cost of £250 per half day.

For details and to book please email

Pond Wildlife

Ponds are extremely important to wildlife habitat and a large range of plants and animals live in and around the Grove Pool. There are wonderful colourful displays through the spring and summer of amphibians, beetles, dragonflies, bats, birds, plants and flowers. You may spot some of the other species which benefit from the pond’s open situation and surrounding woodland including owls, woodpeckers, small mammals, moths and butterflies.

The quality of the water can be measured by looking at the different creatures that live in the pond. Pond invertebrates (animals without backbones) are excellent bio-indicators. A healthy British pond can be home to a vast diversity of invertebrates. Most species are insects but there are also crustaceans, annelids (worms), snails and arachnids (spiders and their relatives).

Frogspawn in the moat at Brockhampton Estate
Frogspawn at the moat at Brockhampton Estate
Frogspawn in the moat at Brockhampton Estate

A number of Vertebrates (animals with a backbone) can also be found at the Grove Pool including amphibians and birds. Ponds are home to three species of amphibian, the common frog, the common toad and the common newt. We have an abundance of frogspawn in the moat and at the Grove Pool in springtime.

Restoration of the Grove Pool

The Grove Pool was restored in 2015 as part of The Pooling Together project, a collaboration between the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile team. The Pooling Together Project, in cooperation with The National Trust, helped to restore a section of the original Grove Pool by cutting back the young trees in order to let sunlight into the site, by rebuilding part of the banks in order to help the pond hold water, and by removing some of the silt, wood and leafy material which had filled the pond over many years.

Situated in a large clearing in the deciduous woodland, The Grove Pool was once much larger that the pool you see today. If you look closely through the trees, you may be able pick out the original banks of the pond, marking out its former shape. Most of the young woodland you see around, has grown up after the pond was allowed to drain and the soil dried up.