A day in the life of Master Barneby

Bartholomew Lutley meets some guests

Volunteering at Brockhampton is no conventional experience. Our team of hard working volunteers provide visitors with personal encounters with the people of Brockhampton.

Volunteers have been learning all about the Georgian gentleman Bartholomew Barneby who inherited the estate from his uncle in the eighteenth century. He was only thirteen when his uncle passed the estate on to him and at first his vast wealth was administered by his mother until he came of age.

Bartholomew smells the roses at Brockhampton
Georgian gentleman Bartholomew sniffs the roses on his manor house
Bartholomew smells the roses at Brockhampton

After he reached his majority, at twenty one, he took up his full inheritance changing his surname from Lutley to Barneby. Bartholomew was one of the visionary owners of Brockhampton who was responsible for modernising and revolutionising many aspects of estate life. He was also the last of the owning family to live in the ancient timber framed manor house which had been built centuries before.

He and his young wife aspired to a grander and more modern life, befitting this incredibly wealthy fashionable young couple. They built themselves a new mansion house at the top of the estate which was to be set in acres of designed parkland and ornate gardens, which was the fashion at the time.

Brockhampton's woodland and rolling hills make it the perfect place to unwind
Autumn view across the Brockhampton Estate
Brockhampton's woodland and rolling hills make it the perfect place to unwind

On your visit to Brockhampton you may get a chance to meet Bartholomew and speak to him in person about his ideas for the estate and the many modern gadgets which he used in his life.

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