Reimagining Orchards at Brockhampton

A young boy with a bright green apple

Working with Walter Jack Studios and Rathbone Landscape Architects and design studios, we are boldly replanting three lost fields of orchards at Brockhampton.

This project which is taking place over the next three years will see one field a year replanted with orchard fruit between 2019 and 2021. It is inspired by historic records which show that one hundred years ago orchards on the estate were at their maximum with many different types of fruit being grown here.

Fruit growing has been an important part of our history for hundreds of years. Brockhampton is located at the heart of Herefordshire’s apple industry and is one of the main places for damson growing with a unique concentration of ‘Shropshire prune’ damsons grown here.

A branch laden with ripe damsons
A close up of ripe damsons on the branch
A branch laden with ripe damsons

What will we achieve?

This not only helps to deliver our Land Outdoors and Nature strategy and 50 year vision to Brockhampton but will also see new areas open up to visitors with all weather and accessible paths providing access for all to these orchard spaces.

Our project will include more accessible pathways for visitors
A lady pushes a child in her wheelchair through an orchard
Our project will include more accessible pathways for visitors

By working with Walter Jack studios we can ensure that the project provides exiting and new orchard spaces for visitors to explore. The aim is to create orchards that delight and inspire, leading visitors on a journey of discovery through a world of fruit.

Get involved

We will be working with community interest company Ignite and community partners to develop some of the orchard areas and ensure that the harvest is put to good use.

Throughout 2019 there will be opportunities for visitors to join in with the project when visiting the property, family volunteering and through ranger task forces to lend a hand with specific aspects of the project as it develops. See our programme for more details of how you can join in.

There will be opportunities to get involved with the project
Volunteers helping replant the orchard.
There will be opportunities to get involved with the project

Our sponsors

The project is being jointly funded by Trust New Art, The People’s Postcode Lottery and through on site fund raising. Every visit you make to Brockhampton helps to support this project.