Parkland walk - red trail

Walking trail

Walk through the rolling landscape of the Brockhampton estate starting at the Medieval manor house in the bottom of the valley, following the red markers to the 18th Century manor and parkland.

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Map of red route


Car park at Lower Brockhampton


Walk back towards the entrance to the car park then fork left following the red markers into the field that runs parallel to the drive. Walk away from the manor (remembering to turn around to enjoy the view) until you go though the gate at the other end of the field

cattle lying in front of manor house


Follow the path down into the woods. By the stream turn right following the red markers. The path runs along the side of the drive before turning left back into the woods.

A trail sign in the woods


Follow the path up the hill until you join the drive again. Walk along the drive until you see the walls of the Granary on your left. Enter for a well earned break otherwise follow the drive around to the left.

entrance to The Granary shop


On your right you will see the Gothic chapel built in 1798. It is open one Sunday a month for services. Continue up the drive past the entrance hut then turn left across the field.

The church on the Brockhampton estate


You are now crossing the 18th Century parkland down to the Lawn pool; built at the time for fishing and duck shooting. At the far end of the pool carry straight on up the hill.

The Lawn Pool in the parkland


As the path levels off the markers point left taking you down over the stream. This area of the wood contains some oaks which are nearly 500 years old.

Logs covered in green lichen


The trail continues through the woods finally passing over a stile onto the edge of the parkland again. Fork right across the field where you will join the track you used on the way up the hill. Turn right and follow the path back to the lower car park

Brockhampton parkland view, trees and mist


Car park at Lower Brockhampton

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Parkland walk - red trail


Some boggy areas and a steep hill to climb.

Parkland walk - red trail

How to get here

Lower Brockhampton manor house, National Trust Brockhampton Estate, Bringsty, near Bromyard, WR6 5UH
By road

Follow the A44 west from Worcester or the A44 east from Bromyard and turn off at the Brockhampton Estate sign. Follow the winding road to Lower Brockhampton and park in the main car park near the manor house.

Parkland walk - red trail

Facilities and access

  • Toilets
  • Kiosk
  • Shop