Art exhibitions on Brownsea

Heart engravings on the trees

An exhibition of Jeneta’s work is on display in the Villano Café & Coffee Bar until early July 2016.

Jeneta Bird is a self-taught artist born in London. She says ‘I have early memories of having a passion to paint and draw. Since moving to ‪‎Poole‬ in ‪‎Dorset‬ I have been inspired by the amazing light and beautiful coastline through ‪‎Bournemouth‬ and along the ‪‎Purbecks‬. I try to capture the magic of it all in my acrylic paintings. I also enjoy life drawing and portraits using pastel colours.’

In 2013 I organized a Pavement Art Day on Poole Quay and it was a great success, with adults and children joining in to cover the pavements with chalk art.

Heart artwork on Brownsea Island
Heart engravings on the trees