Pegasus: Birth, Life and Death

Life, Birth and Death sculpture

Tales of mythology are often used in Logan's world, none more so than Pegasus, which has become one of Andrew's most iconic pieces.

The trio of small winged horses represent the cycle of life. There is no colour attribution to which Pegasus is which, this is for the audience to decide. This reflects Logan’s continued interest in comparative belief systems: in the West, death is associated with funereal black, in the Far East with white; in the East, red is the colour of fertility.

This trio is created from moulds in fibreglass with a metal skeleton. Once painted, each wing is set with jewels or mirrors.

Andrew’s first Pegsus was created in 1980 and called a Monument to Joy, based on the Horse of San Marco and a drawing of a wing by Albrecht Dürer.

" For me, Pegasus is to do with the elements, earth and sky. It's about where we come from and where we are going to"
- Andrew Logan