The Cosmic Egg

Andrew Logan with the Cosmic Egg

Visitors to Buckland Abbey will find something completely surprising in the Great Barn this year, for sitting in the middle of the floor will be an enormous, glittering egg.

The monumental sculpture, which stands five metres high, was commissioned by the Greater London Council for Peace Year in 1983.

The promise and celebration of the birth of life, peace and harmony comprised in the egg form meant the Cosmic Egg was an apposite symbol for Peace Year. It offered a form that could encompass the spiritual and mental world: the guiding forces in human nature, the excitement of space. The egg is the universal symbol of the life principle and the mirrored shell of this egg represents cosmic time and space swirling to reflect the world today.

" Everything starts with an egg, you start the day with an egg, you can go to work on an egg, we are even born from an egg, except this egg is a cosmic egg. It is very difficult to conceive the universe. You can’t see it, yet it is all around you; so vast you can only begin to come to terms with it through mathematics or art."
- Andrew Logan

Usually on display at the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Wales, the Cosmic Egg seems wonderfully relevant to Buckland Abbey. The egg reflects themes of spring rebirth and of course Easter, and as a focus for contemplation it also seems right to host the Cosmic Egg in a place chosen over 700 years ago by Cistercian monks as perfect for prayer and reflection.

The Cosmic Egg Andrew Logan at Buckland Abbey opens at Buckland Abbey on 19 February and will run until 23 September 2018.