The many colours of Loweswater

Misty reflections of Holme Wood, Loweswater, Lake District

Holme Wood nestles on the south side of Loweswater, the smallest of the three lakes in the Buttermere Valley, and offers the autumn walker inviting easy pathways through sumptuously coloured mixed woodland of alder, oak, lime, ash and sycamore…but did you know, someone has their eye on you?

You know you’re not far from the steep high fells of Buttermere with Melbreak’s rocky face just a stone’s throw away, but the shores of Loweswater beckon with a softer tapestry of autumn leaves and misty reflections.

Who's watching over the valley?

Park up at Maggie’s Bridge car park (CA13 0RU) and head along the track towards Watergate Farm, the lake sits to your right and ahead of you rises Burnbank Fell, its lower slopes draped with the reds and golds of Holme Wood. Can you see the pheasant?

Spot the birdy!
Pheasant's eye in autumn at Loweswater, Lake District
Spot the birdy!

Holme Wood was planted in the early 19th century with larch and broadleaf trees by John Marshall, a Leeds mill owner, who was friends with William and Dorothy Wordsworth. Later, after the second World War, the wood was replanted in the shape of a crouching pheasant, which becomes most visible in the autumn as the larch turn golden orange.

" Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"
- Albert Camus

An autumn hideaway

Experience Holme Wood bothy for yourself
Holme Wood Bothy on the shores of Loweswater in autumn
Experience Holme Wood bothy for yourself

Loweswater has much more to offer in autumn than just the elusive pheasant however. Kicking up leaves as you wander the pushchair friendly paths you’ll catch a glimpse of a little stone bothy up ahead, perhaps you have already smelt the wood smoke of the open fire? Converted from a fish hatchery hut Holme Wood Bothy now provides a perfect escape in autumn, for peaceful misty dawns and snug evenings in front of the fire (can you picture yourself cupping a steaming hot chocolate and roasting foraged sweet chestnuts?).

Sunrise over Loweswater
Sunrise over Loweswater, Lake District
Sunrise over Loweswater

A full force

Further into the wood, if you have a sense of adventure, you might discover the secret beauty of Holme Force - many people walk here but not many find this beautiful split waterfall - and the rains of autumn mean it’s sure to be in full flow.

Holme Force flowing freely
Holme Force Loweswater, Lake District
Holme Force flowing freely

Bring some colour to your cheeks

Gain a bit of height on the terrace track above the wood for sensational views of the Grasmoor range, the Vale of Lorton and Loweswater at your feet.

Download this lovely Loweswater walk and make the most of a Lake District autumn

Exploring the rest of Buttermere Valley at this time of year

Bring your bikes to Buttermere - the footpath through Burtness Woods along the side of Buttermere has been upgraded to a bridleway so you can enjoy a car-free ride suitable for all the family. You’ll see the larch trees turning auburn, and also spot the native species re-establishing themselves thanks to our tree planting work in 2014.