50 things to do before you're 11¾ this autumn at Canons Ashby

A girl pressing apples in a bucket

There's lots of fun for the kids this autumn doing some of their 50 things in our beautiful outdoor space.

For a great day out this autumn, our stunning gardens, wildflower paddock and lots of wide open space in the parkland, combine to make ideal place for 50 things adventures. Pick up a 50 things booklet from the visitor reception and get some ideas for making life-long memories with your younger explorers.

Family time
Families enjoying apple weekend
Family time

Eat an apple straight from a tree (9)

Go to the fruit terraces to find our apple trees. All you have to do is reach up and maybe stand on your tip toes, to take a lovely crispy apple. Don't forget to check for any creepy crawlies, before taking a bite of your yummy free snack. 

Autumn fun, who will win?
Girls playing conkers
Autumn fun, who will win?

Play conkers (10)

Search out the horse chestnut trees in the parkland and see if you can find some shiny conkers. Ask someone in the family how to play and go nuts with a family game.

Catch a falling leaf
Children playing with leaves in autumn
Catch a falling leaf

Catch a falling leaf (33)

See how man you can catch.  It's harder than you think. Leaves don't fall straight, they float and flutter around in different directions. Watch out though, if it's windy the challenge is on!

Taking a closer look
Canons Ashby boy looking at bug in jar
Taking a closer look

Make a home for a wild animal (36)

Take a look at our bug hotel in the paddock spinny for inspiration. Have a look at the natural materials we have used and try making one at home.

Would you like some more ideas?

Have a look through your 50 things booklet (available from our visitor reception) to see all the great things you can do before your're 11¾. Enjoy some family adventure time and don't forget to collect 'completed' stickers for your book.

Why not visit later in the year and try our suggestions for other seasons. Keep an eye on our what's on page for special 50 Things events coming up.

Want to explore other nearby sites to check off more 50 things to do? Here are some suggestions.