50 things to do before you're 11¾ this winter

Heavy frost over Canons Ashby

Whatever the weather, it's a great day out for the kids doing some of their 50 things in our beautiful outdoor space. From our paddock with its spinney, den and bug hotel, to the terraced gardens, topiary and parkland. Invigorating 50 things adventures await your family of young explorers this winter. Here's a few ideas.

Get out and about: rain or shine!
A boy splashing in puddles

 Run around in the rain (6)

If it's a rainy damp day, just jump into it! Dance about in puddles and catch raindrops on your tongue. See how many clouds have a silver lining, but don't forget to wear your wellies!

Looking for wildlife tracks
Children looking for wildlife tracks

Track wild animals (34)

Take a walk around our parkland and see if you can spot signs of wildlife. Lookout for marks left in the mud or snow. The clues could be footprints, feathers, fur or poo. Maybe a fox or a pheasant - and you might even catch a glimpse, so have your camera ready.

Make your way with a map and compass
Girls with map and compass

Find your way with a map and compass (45)

Bring your map and compass, so you can practice finding your way around our open spaces and explore the remains of the medieval village in the field opposite the parkland.   

Snow time fun
Child playing in snow

Play in the snow (15)

If you wake up to a carpet of snow, come and have fun playing in the paddock and then enjoy a lovely mug of hot chocolate, and maybe some scrummy cake, in our Stables tearoom.

Wild play at Canons Ashby
A child playing with stick outdoors

Make a trail with sticks (12)

Search for some twigs and sticks in the spinney or parkland. Start your own special game with your friends and family laying out a trail for everyone to follow. You can make it straight, looped, zigzag - any way you want and maybe even hide some treasure at the end.

Would you like some more ideas?

Have a look through your 50 things booklet (available from our Coach House) to see all the great things you can do before your're 11¾. Enjoy some family adventure time and don't forget to collect 'completed' stickers for your book.

Why not visit in the spring and try our suggestions for the 2018 seasons. Keep an eye on our what's on page for special 50 Things events coming up.

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