Autumn at Canons Ashby

Golden morning light shining on the autumn leaves in the paddock

See the trees turning colour, the hedges full of berries and the 18th century garden splashed with colour, as nature prepares to bed down for winter.

Wander down to the vegetable patch and see what’s about to be harvested, or stand on the Ha-Ha feeling the autumn breeze in your face and admire the view.

The misty mornings and autumn colours are always breathtaking, but look a little closer to the ground to see beautiful autumn Cyclamen and Crocus, as well as interesting fungi shooting up all over the place.

Remember to wrap up warm, put on your wellies and get ready to embrace any weather! It's a great time to go for a walk in the ancient parkland or just to have a hot cup of tea with a friend in the fresh autumn air in our tea-garden.

Bringing the kids?

Why not go on a welly walk? See how many puddles you can find to splash in. Keep a special watch out for animals and insects, and count how many different types you find: you may find more if you look down at the ground under the trees in the parkland or paddock.

Autumn Owl Trail

13 September - 8 November

Pick up an Autumn Owl Trail and have a Hoot with the family. Who-whoo can find all our hidden owls in the parkland? Find out more about these amazing creatures and let your little owlets spread their wings and soar around in the green space and fresh air. (And don’t be the twit-woo forgets their wellies)

Our wildlife preparing for winter

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in our gardens and grounds
Wren singing against a blue sky
Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in our gardens and grounds

As you walk around Canons Ashby you might notice wildlife habitats and nesting places to make it easier for our creatures to find a safe space to live. In the spinney you'll see bug hotels made by our visitors and if you look up in the trees there's bat boxes aplenty.

If you like watching birds, see blackbirds, thrushes and fieldfares enjoying apples left in the fruit garden for them - this fruit provides much needed food for our wildlife over winter.

Now that the days are getting shorter you may see local wildlife out and about, looking for food as it gets scarcer, or preparing to roost or hibernate for winter.

Autumn gardening

Volunteers getting the garden in shape
Volunteers changing over the bedding plants
Volunteers getting the garden in shape

It's a busy time for our gardeners. In October, the tired summer bedding is replaced with spring bedding plants such as pink and white bellis daisies, blue and pink forget-me-nots, and pink and white tulips to provide us with a mixture of colour and scent in March, April and May. 

Flower beds are tidied through and new plants planted, old ones divided and replanted to ensure that beds are full and ready for the following year. If you see our gardeners hard at work in the garden, stop and say hello!

Eating and shopping

Whilst your hear why not warm up with a steaming hot chocolate, or treat yourself to a new scarf for the colder months. There is a selection of hot and cold food and drink available from the Tea-Room which can be eaten in our indoor or outdoor seating areas, and plenty of gifts, homeware, toys and books available in the Coach House Shop.

So wrap up in some cosy knitwear and enjoy the colours, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the smells of a misty autumn walk.