Conservation in progress

Graffiti on the outside of Canons Ashby house

Canons Ashby is getting a lot of care and attention between the end of September until November. A lot of expert help is needed to keep this 500 year old building looking its best for future generations.

Work inside the house

Inside the house, work will be going on mostly between 14-18 October to keep Canons Ashby as safe as possible. We are upgrading our fire detection system to make sure that it is fit for purpose for the future. 

Some rooms of the house will be closed for this essential work, but most will be open for visitors to enjoy as normal - they may even get the odd glimpse into the secret areas of the house such as under floorboards. Much of the work will be taking place behind the scenes in the hidden areas of the house such as the attics and roof voids, however you may see workers in the house occasionally.

Outside the house

For the last few decades a Virginia Creeper has been growing over the east side of the house, covering up the stonework. It was removed this year to allow access to the wall for important repair work to the walls, windows and gutters.

When the stonework was revealed the team were able to see marks and symbols that had been hidden for decades, including a Marian symbol (a large M scratched into the stone), a symbol of the Virgin Mary, and initials with the date 1954. If you know who TR and HR please get in touch!

From the end of September and into October, conservation experts will be working to re-point large areas of the east elevation using a traditional lime mix, and replacing areas of damaged stone.  The work will take place from a portable tower scaffolding and a cherry picker so disruption to visitors will be minimised.

Thank you

We are able to do this important work becaue of everyone who has visited Canons Ashby, anyone who has donated second hand books, bought a cup of tea or picked up a gift from the shop. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, allowing us to care for this special place for the future.