Canons Ashby conserved

A House Steward cleaning bookshelves

Discover what it takes to care for Canons Ashby this winter, as the house team keeps our doors open during the winter deep clean.

From 11 February to 5 March you will be able to discover what it takes to care for Canons Ashby. During this special opening we are offering the chance to meet the House Steward, see conservation in action, and take part in 'conservation conversations'.

Canons Ashby's House Team hard at work
The House Steward dusts a taxidermy bird
Canons Ashby's House Team hard at work

With so many unique collection items and architectural features, keeping Canons Ashby alive and open can be a challenge. The stable winter months offer the perfect opportunity to address the many conservation issues that arise throughout the year.

Each room will shed light on the different conservation challenges the House Team face on a day to day basis, from dust to insect damage. As you make your way around the house you can have your say on conservation issues, big and small, and see first-hand the impact of the six main ‘agents of deterioration’: relative humidity, light, pests, dust, mechanical damage and mould.

" It is our job to protect Canons Ashby’s built environment from harm and make sure it looks its best for our visitors."
- Rachel Zenker, House Steward