Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition, ‘A Geometric Dialogue’ by Catherine Phipps Titcombe

A ceramic by Catherine Phipps Titcombe which is on display at Castle Drogo.

As part of the Castle Drogo ‘Festival of Crafts’ Devon Guild of Craftsmen member Catherine Phipps Titcombe has created a series of sculptures inspired by the castle to be displayed alongside her other work in the grand main staircase at Castle Drogo.

Catherine Phipps Titcombe says about the her work;

"My sculpture derives from an appreciation of both the natural and built environment.  I aim to create groups of sculptures and paired objects that invite interaction.

This exhibition brings together some of my earlier work experimenting with additions to clay (as part of my MA Ceramics completed in 2010) and an installation of new work ‘In Succession’,  which responds to Castle Drogo.

'A Geometric Dialogue' on display on the main staircase.
A ceramic exhibition on the main staircase.
'A Geometric Dialogue' on display on the main staircase.

The castle epitomises grandeur, Lutyens the architect takes you on a journey of exploration.  Repeating the use of space, shapes, textures and materials to highlight different settings, your eye is drawn towards particular ‘openings’ of light and space which encourages further investigation.

At a time when the castle is undergoing major restoration work I’ve been able to take advantage of examining its deconstruction and reconstruction, seeing parallels from the materiality of the castle, its architecture and the way I make sculpture.

There is a clear design connection between the castle and its garden; with this in mind I worked from a starting point of selecting two simple shapes from both.  I made tester clay samples.  My ideas developed by interrogating the shapes and exploring the potential of working within the constraints of the clay material I’d made using reclaimed granite from the castle.  Techniques used for ‘In Succession’ sculptures included mould making, hand rolled slab building, grinding down of granite, glazing and the use of print making techniques to create texture on some pieces."

This exhibition will be on display on the main staircase every day from Monday 2 October until Tuesday 24 October. Most of the ceramics are available to purchase, please ask any member of the team.