Art at Castle Drogo

The Rorschach Screen on display at Castle Drogo.

At Castle Drogo throughout the summer there are prints, drawings and sculptures on display by Royal Academician, Peter Randall-Page.

The prints and drawings by Peter Randall-Page focus on observations of the natural world and include delicate linocuts of botanical and animal subjects. Recent prints such as Honeysuckle, Fig Tree, Spiders and Frogs are shown alongside Peter’s early studies of exquisite seed pods.

" ...we live in a universe with a strong propensity for symmetry and bilateral symmetry is of particular significance for human beings."
- Peter Randall-Page

One of the highlights of the exhibition is Randall-Page’s 7m wide ‘Rorschach Screen’ with its mirror image panels of drawings that reference the bi-lateral symmetry of Rorschach ink blots.

" Rorschach Screen has the spirit of inventiveness while working within the constraints of a grid. This way of working has developed out of my interest in the way nature seems to exist in dynamic tension between a tendency towards order and a tendency towards chaos. I like the way this tricks the eye, the symmetry is both evident and hidden while the line is both meandering and constrained."
- Peter Randall-Page

The collection of 2D works accompanies Peter Randall-Page’s large scale sculptures ‘Fructus, Corpus and Phyllotaxus’ which are currently on view in the grounds of the Castle. They are carved from Kilkenny limestone, a sedimentary stone formed in coastal areas over millions of years teeming with fossilised remains of plant and animal life giving the material its characteristic appearance.

3 sculptures by the artist Peter Randall-Page are on display in the garden.
Sculptures by the artist Peter Randall-Page
3 sculptures by the artist Peter Randall-Page are on display in the garden.

The prints and drawings are available to view every day from Friday 11 May-Sunday 4 November. The Rorschach screen is only available to view on selected days (please call ahead to check opening times). The sculptures are available to view every day until the end of August.