Sunken Garden Restoration

A painting of the Sunken Garden by Mary Ward in 1864

We have so much to offer here at Castle Ward that our gardens have occasionally gone overlooked. We're rectifying that with a project for the Sunken Garden that will restore it to a high-Victorian arrangement with a kaleidoscope of colours and plants. We're working to recreate the garden in Mary Ward's painting of 1864 and make the place a real showpiece. The project will include removing the pond, and installing 61 parterres (ornamental beds) so there's plenty of work for our gardener and his volunteers.

The sunken garden will see some major changes as part of the project
The Sunken Garden in the midst of a restoration project

Latest posts

03 Nov 17

The final design

Our gardener and volunteers have been working tirelessly to get the parterres finished and here is the final product. All 61 raised beds are now laid out, having been carefully arranged with mathematical precision. Next will come the soil, gravel and eventually, planting!

The garden restoration project at Castle Ward

26 Oct 17

The design takes shape

The team have taken advantage of some recent dry weather and made a start on the complicated layout of the 61 parterres of the finished design. Only about 40 more to go!

The design of the new Sunken Garden being laid out at Castle Ward

11 Oct 17

Attention to detail

In the original garden (see Mary's painting) the levels have very defined and manicured edges. Our team have started to put these in place and are working to make sure the angles are spot on!

Work taking place on the Sunken Garden project at Castle Ward