Our Work

House elf cleans buffet in Charlecote Park dining room

Our staff and volunteers work 365 days a year to keep Charlecote special. After centuries of care by the Lucy family, we continue to protect and preserve Charlecote for generations to come.

Thank you!

Every scarf or book you buy from our shops, every cake and cup of tea you buy in the Orangery, every membership you buy from our Visitor Reception team all directly benefits Charlecote and our work here.

Every time a National Trust member shows their card on their way in, it directly generates income for our work at Charlecote - so your membership goes to the places you love to visit.

Let's take this outside - who says meetings have to be in offices?
Park team meeting outside in summer at Charlecote Park

You’ll often see us carrying out work on special projects and restoration work when you visit. For the next two years we're planning and working on the exciting Charlecote Avenue project, developing the 8-acre site next to our car park.

Join one of our behind-the-scenes events in the house and gardens and free daily guided walks in the parkland, and you can discover more about how we look after the objects in the house and care for the beautiful landscape.

The National Trust is a charity, we receive no Government funding, and we simply couldn't keep Charlecote special without you.


What’s happening now

There's always something going on behind the scenes that our visitors may not notice. Our work is all about looking after our collection in the house and the unique landscape of Charlecote, and also ensuring that our visitors have the best possible experience.

In the house and outbuildings

  • We're completing our inventory check of every item in the public rooms of the house.
  • All year round, you may also see us cleaning when you visit - do stop and chat.
  • We're researching the Lucy family's lives in Tudor times so that we can share our discoveries with visitors.

In the garden

  • We've been working on the Spinney area behind the stables, planting new hedges and lots (and lots!) of spring bulbs for future years.
  • Our butterfly recording team will be surveying and recording their finds until September.
  • We're planting the beds around the edges of the parterre to give plenty of interest through the year. We're using bergenias, astrantias, acanthus and cordylines to begin with.
Whatever the weather, there's always work for our garden volunteers
Charlecote volunteers at work in greenhouse in winter

In the park

  • Our team have just completed lambing, working all hours of the day - and night - and are continuing to look after the ewes and the new lambs.
  • We're looking at the archaeology of parts of the parkland where there was once a small village.
  • We're keeping a constant check on the fallow deer does, about to drop their fawns in early June.
Our staff and volunteers look after our livestock 365 days a year
Charlecote staff and volunteers and gator with Jacob sheep
  • We're trying out our new tree trail for visitors - explore the parkland and find out more about 20 of our heritage trees.
  • We have been carrying out our annual tree inspection around the parkland - every single tree is checked for damage and disease.
Creating the best possible environment for our wildlife is an important part of our work
Butterfly on eryngium in gardens at Charlecote Park

Raffle tickets - your contribution matters

Our generous visitors who buy raffle tickets from our volunteer sellers have really made a difference to our work.

This is a really important source of income for us and raffle funds have contributed to fruit trees in the orchard, display cases in the house, and repairs to the stonework around the gardens.

Raffle ticket income recently paid for thousands of plug plants of wild flowers for Places Meadow. Last year we raised funds for essential work on our historic lime avenue - a unique and valuable wildlife habitat. This year we hope to raise enough for expert repairs to the antique globes in the library.

The antique globes in the library have been damaged by years of curiosity
Damaged antique globes in library at Charlecote Park

You can help our work by volunteering with us - find out more about the roles you can undertake here.