Art at Chartwell family trail

A family enjoying the Art at Chartwell Family Trail

Painting was one of Sir Winston Churchill’s favourite hobbies and he loved to paint special places just like Chartwell. This was the place he called home, which inspired him in life as well as in his artwork.

Saturday 11 January until Sunday 22 March 2020*

11am – 3pm; free with your entry or membership.

*Due to popularity, our Art at Chartwell family trail will now be extended until Sunday 22 March to give everyone an even longer chance to enjoy it.

This winter, explore the gardens and grounds of Chartwell through the eyes of Winston Churchill, the painter, and see the views that he loved. Be ready to inspire your own creativity, just like he did when he lived here with his family, using painting as an escape.

Follow the trail around the gardens to complete a series of artistic activities. From learning about the techniques that Churchill used, to having a go at a drawing yourself, there’s plenty to get up to all around the beautiful grounds of Chartwell.

Our Art at Chartwell family trail will take you all around the outside of the house and to some of the best views of Chartwell, the gardens and the surrounding countryside of the Weald of Kent.

Sunny Chartwell landscape through one of the viewfinders of the art trail with green lawns and blue skies

Along the way, keep an eye out for two viewfinders set up ready to help you recreate some of the picture-perfect scenes. These frame the landscapes and views that Churchill fell in love with, perfect for taking a moment to soak in the view. Why not take inspiration from Churchill himself and take a photo, putting yourself right in the painting?

Maybe, just like Winston Churchill, you’ll find painting to be your new favourite hobby as well.

If you’d like to find out more about Churchill’s paintings or the gardens that so inspired him, then there is so much to choose from during your visit - have a look at our arty suggestions here:

Have an artistic day out