Art and sculpture exhibition 2017

Sculpture at Chedworth Roman Villa

Autumn is often considered to be the season of creativity and artistic inspiration. The excitement of summer is gone, the air is cooler and fresher, yet there is still plenty of daylight to enjoy long autumnal afternoons.

Artistic tradition

We are taking the opportunity of this special time of year for a new art display amongst the tranquil grounds of the villa. Chedworth Roman Villa has long been associated with art, culture and craftsmanship. The villa's original owners had some of the best craftsmen of the time to create their elaborate mosaics. Fine architectural details and antique sculptures, as well as jewellery and glasswork found during archaeological excavations provide a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle and artistic appreciation of the original owners.

We are carrying on the tradition of appreciating arts and crafts at the villa today. This year we are hosting our third annual exhibition. Twenty five artists are taking part and exhibiting nearly 80 art works; fifteen of them are new in 2017. There are mosaics, paintings, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, garden ornaments and furniture on display - all have been carefully selected and most of them are available for purchase. They explore themes of nature, wildlife, local landscape and human relationships.

Ruth Moilliet is exhibiting sculpture at Chedworth Roman Villa this year
Flower sculptures at Chedworth Roman Villa
Ruth Moilliet is exhibiting sculpture at Chedworth Roman Villa this year


Figurative sculpture was enjoyed by the Romans, and it is prominent in this year's display. The flowing lines and shapes of Malcolm West's 'Three graces' are similar to the deities and nymphs worshipped by the Romans. The figurative pieces of Jo Jones, Kay Singla, Gill Reeve and Myra Murby further explore human relationships with others or the environment. Some appear to be engaged in their own inner world.

Stephanie Cushing, Kim Pethybridge and Ronnie Dongo showcase more stylized abstract forms, exploring natural organic shapes or experimenting with different types of stone.


Roman mosaic craftmanship is explored in the works of TomatoJack Arts and Jane Bracey. An ode to the villa's iconic 'Winter mosaic' is presented by Sue Day in her hand woven tapestry of Winter.

TomatoJack Arts are exhibiting at Chedworth in 2017
Enjoy art displayed around the tranquil grounds of Chedworth Roman Villa
TomatoJack Arts are exhibiting at Chedworth in 2017


The local landscape and appreciation of nature is prominent in Rupert Aker's oil paintings and mosaic pieces by Lynda Knott and Angela Williams. Philippa Macarthur's ceramics blend into the surrounding wild grasses and lichen. Richard Cresswell's kinetic sculptures draw the viewer's attention to the subtle rhythm and beauty of movement in nature. The tranquillity of this Roman site is the inspiration behind the glass pieces created by Louise and Colin Hawkins.


Chedworth Roman Villa has always been a wildlife haven and home to a variety of birds and bats, woodland animals and Roman snails - Helix Pomatia. Once again their presence is reflected in art: Yvette Green's glass mosaic birds, Gill Reeve's stone carvings, Mike Savage's birds, insects and shoals of fish and Daren Greenhow's charming metal sculptures.

Sarah Scott debuts at our show bas-reliefs of horses that are quite inseparable from the Cotswold landscape and lifestyle. Lizzie Whyte returns for a second year with her exploration in metalwork and presents an impressive composition dedicated to the villa's humble Roman snail.