Bradenham Bolt practice runs

Held on 7 October 2018, the Bradenham Bolt is a challenging 10k trail run with hills, thrills and obstacles. Here are some more off-road routes in the Chilterns where you can get in some practice runs on similar terrain. We'll add more as they become available.

Bradenham Bolt Starting Line

Bradenham Bolt Running Trail

This is a 10 km run around the Buckinghamshire countryside near the village of Bradenham. It follows the route of the Bradenham Bolt, which is held in early October every year.

Bradenham Village

Bradenham countryside trail

This is a short walk around the Buckinghamshire village of Bradenham and neighbouring meadows.

Bradenham Village Green

Bradenham Beech Woods, Bunkers and Ballrooms

This is a medium length walk in the woodlands and meadows of the Bradenham Manor Estate in Buckinghamshire village of Bradenham and neighbouring meadows.

D'Israeli Monument at Hughenden

Monument walk at Hughenden

Wander up to the D'Israeli’s monument for a spectacular view across to the Hughenden estate.

Chequers from Coombe Hill

Coombe Hill and Chequers trail

This moderately energetic circular walk offers panoramic views across the Aylesbury Vale. You’ll see rare chalk grassland, beautiful woodlands, the pretty village of Ellesborough and the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers. Feel the fascinating history of the Chiltern Hills, inhabited by people for thousands of years.