Anya Kuliszewski - Visitor Experience Officer

Visitor Experience Officer, Claife Viewing Station and Windermere West Shore

Anya Kuliszewski - Visitor Experience Officer
Claife Viewing Station

What does your role as a Visitor Experience officer for the National Trust involve?

I look after Claife Viewing Station on the west shore of Windermere, and work as part of a wider Outdoor Visitor Experience team in the in the South Lakes. We make sure our places are always looking their best, and ensure that all of our communications with visitors, from the first click on the website to the posters and signs around the property are clear and consistent. Our team runs an variety of events throughout the year for people of all ages. At Claife Viewing Station you will often find me running activities to get children excited about nature, from mini beast hunting to animal tracking!

Tell us more about your role at Claife Viewing Station…  

No one has worked full time at Claife Viewing Station before, so it is my job to think about ways to improve this experience for visitors.  This year I have been creating an events program for the season, designing new maps for the area and recruiting a team of engagement volunteers to help me out on site when we are busy.  You might find me helping the team out at Tarn Hows, or even giving the ranger team a hand by planting heather around the viewing station.

What’s a typical day like?

During the summer I spend most of my time at Claife Viewing Station. In the morning before it gets busy I will do lots of little odds and ends, from filling the birds’ feeders to setting up nature trails. For the rest of the day I will be showing visitors around, chatting about the National Trust’s conservation work and giving people advice on where to walk, bike and explore in the Lake District.  During the quieter winter months I’m more likely to be found in the office planning events, recruiting volunteers and working closely with our marketing team to promote this special place.

What do you do in your spare time? 

I have lived in or around the Lake District for my whole life so have always loved the outdoors and walking. In my spare time you’re likely to find me exploring with my springer spaniel Hazel (who often joins me at work). We have some fantastic wildlife in this area, and I often enjoy visiting nature reserves. When I’m not out and about you might find me doing a spot of cooking, or curled up by the stove reading a good book.

Tell us the best part of the job! 

I love working outside. It’s an incredibly beautiful area and being able to look after a little patch of the Lake District is a real pleasure. It’s great to work with such a varied group of people, from upland rangers who look after the fells, to curators who look after the Beatrix Potter collection.