Meet the teams - AL_A and Giles Quarme & Associates

Clandon Park design concept

AL_A and Giles Quarme & Associates with Arup and Gross.Max. AL_A recently completed the new museum entrance, gallery and public courtyard at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

AL_A describe their vision for Clandon

The fire that nearly destroyed Clandon is a catalyst for our reimagination of the house and landscape as place of wonder.

The moment of entering the ruin of Clandon today is exciting and visceral. We have held onto that sensation and found ways of ensuring that feeling resonates through the entire house. The Saloon becomes the entrance and visitors’ starting point – it is a preserved ruin that will be a space of mediation between history and modernity, between art and architecture, and between building and landscape – a conversation held in one, triple height volume.

We present the physical layers that were peeled back by the fire and reveal traces of Clandon’s multiple histories to the public in a very direct and poetic way. The visitors’ journey around the house shows Clandon as a place of restored reason embedded within the ruin, culminating with a new second floor dedicated to an international standard top-lit gallery for exhibitions.

The house and landscape converse once more, playing off Clandon’s restored Palladian geometries against the natural and the picturesque, a reconciliation between the formal and informal.


AL_A Video Proposal

Here you can view the two minute video proposal from the team at AL_A and Giles Quarme & Associates with Arup and Gross.Max, describing their ideas for the future of Clandon Park.