Jess Maynard

Project Co-ordinator, Clandon Park

Jess Maynard - Project Co-ordinator

Jess is the Senior Project Co-ordinator at Clandon Park and has been working on the project since June 2015. Her role supports the Project Team ensuring that the administrative side runs smoothly, she's the vital cog that keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes.

Jessica Maynard with visitors at Clandon Park, Surrey

I’ve been working on the project to restore, reimagine and rebuild Clandon Park since June 2015, the beginning of the Salvage Phase. I was fortunate to have visited the house before the fire and first experience its splendour shortly after I graduated as an art historian. I was then able to explore further behind the scenes as a member of National Trust staff.

My role has evolved as the project has advanced and its complexities better understood. Predominantly I support the Project Team in ensuring the ten different workstreams remain on track. I possess an overview of site works, contractual arrangements, meetings, logistics and administrative processes that keep the wheels turning.

Because the project is so large I also have delegated authority for mini-projects that run alongside our main tasks. For example, I led a small group of specialists and contractors to ensure the last of the architectural fragments from the salvage phase were catalogued and transported to our external store. This was to facilitate access to the basement spaces so that we could open more of the house to our visitors.

As the project progresses towards the next chapter in restoring and reimagining Clandon, my main objective is to keep things on track in order for the project to reach its goals and co-ordinate the growing internal and external teams. In a governance capacity, I have a responsibility to ensure the project is clearly recorded and documented. This can range from surveys, commissions and decisions that will need to be referenced in the short and long term.

The International Design Competition was a particularly memorable stage of the project for me, both challenging and inspiring. It was a real pleasure contributing to the understanding and appreciation of Clandon through compiling presentations, providing tours, individual conversations, and facilitating conservation workshops. Working with the design team, led by architects Allies and Morrison, is an ongoing highlight because of the philosophical considerations around design and materials, and the opportunity to see the technical expertise gathered around the table.

I feel the sense of hope and opportunity has very much shifted positively since the uncertain days immediately after the fire. The house as it stands reveals much about its construction methods and history, as well as presenting the team and specialists with questions about changes made over the last 300 years. I’m excited about Clandon Park’s future and the National Trust’s vision; it’s another layer and identity in an already rich story.