Brough Superior motorcycles at Clouds Hill

A Brough Superior motorbike parked outside the entrance to Clouds Hill

There will be a gathering of vintage Brough Superior motorcycles at Clouds Hill, the home of Lawrence of Arabia, on the afternoon of Saturday 19 May.

T E Lawrence had a passion for this particular brand of motorcycle, and the high speeds it could reach. He owned several of them himself during his time in the 1920s and 1930s at Clouds Hill, a tiny woodsman’s cottage near Bovington, Dorset. This was where he retreated to, away from the hurly burly of life as a private soldier in the nearby Royal Tank Regiment, and the Brough Superiors were one of the few luxuries he allowed himself in his austere lifestyle.

The Dorset Brough Group will be bringing up to six Brough Superiors to the cottage from around 1.30pm and will park them just in front of it. Visitors to the cottage will be able to view them and imagine T E Lawrence himself riding around the Dorset countryside on his own machine.

Mr Brough advertised his products in the 1920s as ‘the Rolls-Royce’ of motorcycles and they have lived up to this reputation ever since.