Lawrence of Arabia learning pack

An outdoor workshop at Clouds Hill on a sunny day

In 2014 a group of students from Carter Community School near Poole worked with community artist Sarah Butterworth to find out more about Lawrence through a cross-curricular creative project: 'Castles in the Clouds'. This pack is one of the project outcomes.

Six sections

The pack is laid out in six sections, exploring different elements of T E Lawrence’s life: from what motivated him as a boy and young man, to his exploits in the First World War and his life after the war including his time spent at Clouds Hill. Each section provides:

  • background information
  • ideas for discussion
  • cross-curricular activities

There are learning outcomes, links to the curriculum subjects and lists of additional resources.

Adaptable activities

The activities are aimed at pupils aged 9-14 but they can be adapted to suit older or younger pupils who are studying significant historical events and people from their own locality. The activities can be used as individual lessons or could form part of a larger cross curriculum.

Small groups only

Clouds Hill provides a fascinating insight into T E Lawrence and his post-war life, but please note that because of its small size it is unsuitable for group visits and we are unable to take accept school classes visiting as a group.

Lawrence of Arabia learning pack (PDF / 3.9MB) download