Barbeques at Clumber Park

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue visit Clumber Park

In light of the recent wildfires across the country, we are asking all visitors to not bring BBQ’s onto Clumber Park until further notice.

We have been liaising with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, who have categorised Clumber Park as a 'high fire risk' due to the extremely dry and hot conditions, and it is with this in mind we have taken the decision to ban all BBQ’s across the site until further notice, including on the BBQ site itself.

We understand this may cause some visitors disappointme...nt, but we thank you for your patience and support in caring for this historic landscape and the wildlife who also share our spaces.

We also ask that visitors take additional care when extinguishing cigarettes and ensure all litter is taken home or placed in one of the bins onsite.

With your help we can continue to care for Clumber Park and reduce the risk of wildfires affecting our special place.

If you do see a fire, please call 999 as soon as possible.

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